• What is it?

    The Ubi Kit is software that runs on a raspberryPi, essentially turning it into an Amazon Echo and a Google Home in one. Unlike what's available elsewhere, this software only takes minutes to setup and doesn't require any programming. Essentially, it only takes one line in a command prompt to install!

    What's included?

    The software also includes Sensory, Kitt.AI, and Congitech's wake word technology. You can quickly connect and test out different USB microphones with the software, including different DSP evaluation kits... and, you can do this headlessly using a web console.

    What do you need?

    A raspberryPi, microSD card, PC speakers, and a USB mic (or USB-enabled DSP microphone kit)

    Who should use it?

    Developers and product managers looking to prototype an Alexa-enabled product.

    How much is it?

    FREE! You can test and develop to your hearts content. If you want to put it into your product, let's talk.

  • A little more on Ubi Kit

    Works on RaspberryPi

    ... but much easier than other tools.

    You don't need to code! The installation takes entering one command in the prompt to start up.

    Headlessly Setup and Run

    You don't need a monitor

    You can run Ubi Kit console through a browser connected. No need for a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

    Configure Settings with Ease

    No coding!

    Change WiFi, AVS credentials, and sign in without needing to code or command line.

    Configure Audio

    Test from multiple mics

    You can connect multiple USB mics and test out how they perform. This includes different far field mic kits.

  • Even more...

    Trigger Source

    You can choose to run the hansdfree trigger, trigger through web button, or through GPIO on the the Pi.

    Speech Endpoint

    Change settings for detecting the end of speech. See how tweaking this affects performance.

    Customized Sounds

    Change the sounds for wake up, end of speech detection, and more.

    Multiple Mic/Speaker

    Easily change the mic source or speaker output to test out different solutions on the fly.

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